Strasbourg, France

9a Arrived in Strasbourg and boarded a glass covered canal boat for a tour of the city.
Shopped around their Notre-Dame Cathedral Square.  For lunch, I had a local favorite called a "flammkuchen."  Not sure I spelled that right, it is also called a "tarte flambée."  It is like a very thin crust pizza, only no tomato sauce.  They are stone baked, and on the crust is a layer of cheese, maybe cream or goat cheese, onions, and bacon.  Regardless of how it was spelled, it was good!
Hard to believe that the cruise is almost over.  Signed up for the Danube River next year.  This trip has been wonderful.  Tonight's entertainment after dinner was a music quiz, with dancing by some of the crew in their country's national dress. 

the glass covered boat we took for our tour
Mural painted on the exterior of this business.  Just amazing.
 Christmas market outside of the church

Love the exterior of the cathedral.  Hard to imagine that these were carved hundreds of years ago and still show such incredible detail.  It was built over three centuries from 1176 to 1439.  In the middle ages, the 469-foot spire was the largest in Europe.  During WW2, the stained glass windows were stored in the Heilbronn salt mines.

Post card of the city that I sent home to myself before leaving
Postcard I brought home with me because it was just so beautiful.  We didn't have this much snow on the trip.
 French Dinner Menu:
Appetizer: Herb butter sautéed snail with French baguette
Soup: French onion soup with cheese crouton
Main Course:  Pink roasted rack of lamb "provincial" and olive herb crust with mint flavored jus, ratatouille vegetables, and rosemary potatoes
Dessert: "Crepe Suzette" ~ Crepe with orange and Grand Marnier

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