Rüdesheim and Mainz, Germany

There was an excursion this morning to Siegfried's Museum of Mechanical Instruments in Rüdesheim, but I didn't go, wanting instead to see if I could walk up the river to see the "Mäuseturm," the Mouse Tower castle that I remember from my childhood since we passed it last night in the dark.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get that far because the road and walkway ended and was taken over by train tracks, and a very busy train schedule.

At lunch time we cruised to Mainz and took a brief tour of the Gutenberg Museum that opened just for us today.  I was able to buy a small (the smallest) hand bound book with the Lord's Prayer in it, in seven languages! I had one once before from when we lived here, but it was stolen from me in the 5th grade in Arizona when I shared it for a "show and tell" day.
We took a tour of the city at dusk, the lights were just incredible on the houses.
Eisenturm (Iron Tower) was built around 1240 and used to be part of the city wall.
St. Martin's Cathedral. Construction began on it in 975AD.

 Christmas Dinner Menu:
Amouse bouche: Gazpacho espuma
Starter: Carpaccio of beef tenderloin with crisp parmesan chips, tomato-onion ragout and truffle vinaigrette
Soup: Zucchini espresso with gin
Hot Appetizer: Turbot and salmon lasagna with béchamel
Sorbet: Rasberry cinnamon sorbet with mango caviar and champagne
Main Course: Gooseleg with truffle and morel on a bed of champagne red cabbage with caramelized chestnuts, Gran Marnier sauce and pommes duchess
Dessert: Poached red wine pear filled with chocolate créme Brûlée with calvados sabayon

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  1. I am thinking of my German father as I scroll through. How different his life was after he moved to Oz.