Homeward Bound

8:30a and the sun is just starting to come up over Basel.  I caught the earlier shuttle to the airport with most of the others rather than waiting until 11a.  Basel security didn't like my home-filled shampoo and conditioner bottles.  Oh well.  Last day of the trip so if that is the worst that has happened I think I did well.

Flight from Basel left late.  Skirted the Alps on the way to Munich.  But we made the connection in on time.  There was smog over Munich, almost like flying into LAX in California.

 It is a nine hour flight home.  Was six to come over.  Must be the Earth's rotation.  I fly into Newark, NJ tonight and then out of JFK tomorrow morning since there was not a late flight tonight.

... it took less time for me to go through customs at Newark Airport than it did for me to get a taxi from the airport to the hotel.  The mattress at the JFK Doubletree feels as if I will be sleeping on a cloud.  Finally some sleep tonight.  Between the time difference and last night's worries about oversleeping and missing my flights I can relax a little.

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  1. I loathe long plane trips. Despite seasickness, given my druthers I would travel by sea. Or train.