Basel, Switzerland

8a ~ arrived in Basel
9a ~ took a tram from St. Johanns-Tor (St. Johann's Tower) into town for a walking tour of old Basel and their Parliament House.  The artwork in and on the buildings was just incredible.

early in the day, looking across the river to the industrial side of Basel
Dating from 1857-1864, the church was the first to be built after the Reformation. It is one of the most significant neo-Gothic buildings in Switzerland.
Peterskirche ~ St. Peter's church
A parish church since 1035, it was founded as a collegiate church in 1233
a photo showing the tram

Statue of Johannes Oekolampad (1482-1531), Reformer of Basel

the exterior of the town hall

I loved the colored roof tiles!

interior courtyard
where Parliament sits

detail of the painted ceiling
the inlaid wood detail on the wall 
 the inlaid wood detail on the table

The basilisk from the Gerberbrunnen (well) is defeated.
Sandstone relief in the lobby of the Council chamber, Rathaus (Town Hall) Basel
some of the stained glass in the Town Hall building

One of the fountains in Basel that was once used to sell fresh fish. The fish were kept live in the water until they were sold.
Standing in front of the Town Hall and looking across the street to the market
The market directly in front of the Town Hall.
One of many churches
detail inside the church walkway

a bronze sculpture inside the church walkway that commemorates the fresh produce markets that used to be sold there
A guard dog statue on one of the walls
One of 170 fountains in the city
Detail on a gate
The iron gates were just incredibly beautiful and detailed!
one of the gates surrounding the Musik-Akademie (Music Academy)
This door was to blame for my obsession for old wooden carved doors.

The door wasn't spectacular, but the iron grill work over it was.
A door into one of the wings of the Town Hall.
A detailed metal door but the sandstone carvings around it were amazing.
A little difficult to see, but there are elephants on both sides of the window base, and that was significant because there weren't elephants in Switzerland, so the images must have come from someone who traveled through the area with elephant
a fountain near the tram that has a water bowl for dogs at the base of it.
a walkway between houses
a shop courtyard with stores and restaurants decorated for Christmas
 an example of their currency

postcard from Basel that I sent home to myself before leaving

7p ~ Farewell Dinner Menu:
Starter: "River Queen Ceasar Salad" ~ Romaine salad with cheese, chicken, bacon, croutons, anchovies, and capers.
Soup:  "Porcini Cappuccino" ~ Black truffles and frothy milk topping.
Hot Appetizer: Medallion of John Dory with saffron risotto
Sorbet:  Lemon Sorbet with champagne
Main Course:  Beef fillet mignon served with sauce Bearnaise, vegetable bouquet and "Pommes Duchess"
Dessert:  Baked Alaska Parade served by the Galley Team

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