Arriving in Germany

I arrived in Frankfort at 6a local time and took a 9a train to Köln (Cologne),

finally arriving at the River Queen at 10:30a.  Since the day is one where everyone is arriving, nothing was planned until later in the evening.

My "hotel" for the next seven days.  I love the idea of waking up in a new city nearly every morning!
My suite
The shower controls took me a bit to figure out.  The hot water was not on the left as it is at home.  Once I figured that out, I was happy happy happy.
I walked to a medieval Christmas market near the boat.
Then went to the Lindt Chocolate Museum.  The "lotus" tree in the picture below was actually a chocolate fountain. Yummmmmmmm
After touring the chocolate museum (and buying too many chocolates) I walked farther into town to two other Christmas markets (one at the Neumarkt is the oldest and most famous Christmas markets in Köln; the other was at the Alter Markt) before going back to the ship for an almost involuntary nap before dinner.
At 6p there was a welcome and safety briefing in the lounge with Captain Doede Smit (who is from the Netherlands), Cruise Manager Darinka Kilpa, and Hotel Manager Ferdinand Selig.

Dinner Menu
Starter: Pan fried taleggio marinated in honey with apple on bouquet of green garden leaves and Italian dressing..
Soup: Clear vegetable consummé with "Backerbsen"
Main Course: Pan fried halibut topped with olives, red onions and garlic sauce served with Mediterranean vegetables and tagliatelle pasta
Dessert: Assorted German cheeses with crackers

After dinner entertainment: Piano music by the crew musician, Krzysztof, in the lounge.

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